Aaron's Story

Aaron is currently the Web Services Manager for Utah Retirement Systems and the CEO of WhooRu.com and the author of the book, Who Are You Online: Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It!. Aaron currently lives in Utah, with his beautiful wife, 3 outstanding children, and 2 larger than life Bernese Mountain Dogs.

But how did he get to where he is at now?

The Early Years

As a young boy raised by his grandparents, Aaron has always loved being outdoors. Aaron's fondest early memories are of going camping with his grandparents in Copper Basin, near Sun Valley, Idaho. At age 11, Aaron's Grandfather died. In order to help ease the financial burden on his Grandmother, he got a paper route which he used to pay for the things her Social Security income could not. During the summer months, Aaron made additional money mowing lawns, dog sitting, and house sitting for people on his paper route. Aaron held this paper route until he moved out of his Grandmother's house when he was 16 years old to live with his best friend's family.

At 15, Aaron earned his Eagle Scout award. For his Eagle project, he recruited 30 volunteers and collected donated supplies to help build habitat for native mountain bluebirds. Aaron has always been involved with technology. At the age of 12, Aaron bought his first computer, a Commodore 128, with $500 he saved from working a paper route. In addition to playing games, (anybody for Zork?) Aaron would write BASIC programs for fun, which he bought a book so he could learn how to do it.

Aaron was heavily involved with choir starting in the 6th grade. As a gifted tenor, Aaron was featured as a soloist in several of the choirs he participated in. Aaron made the Allstate choir in 1994. In addition, Aaron was choir president his senior year of high school over a 140 member choir program.


Aaron went to school for Vocal Performance at Idaho State University. (Listen to Aaron Sing) Aaron was heavily involved with the Idaho State University Concert Choir and Chamber Choir. In 1999, Aaron went to Brazil with his choir which was the featured demonstration choir for an international choral convention.

Additionally, Aaron prepared for life after college and developed another area of his talents, computers. Aaron learned how to program web pages. Aaron enhanced his background by taking computer courses in addition to the music curriculum. Computer programming came naturally to Aaron. In his very first programming course, Aaron was the top of his class.


Aaron has built web sites for the academic, private and government sectors. While working for several companies, Aaron has amassed a wealth of experience in managing teams and designing websites. Aaron has over 15 years experience dealing with Internet technologies.

While in school, Aaron worked on several web design projects. Aaron went on to work for the College of Business at Idaho State University. In addition, Aaron was selected for a prestigous web design internship with American Microsystems. Upon graduation from college, Aaron went to work for his current employer, initially as a web designer. Aaron quickly progressed in the organization, and was promoted to the Web Services Manager after two quick years. Aaron has grown his core team to six employees and is actively building new e-commerce solutions for the Utah Retirement Systems and Public Employees Health Program. In the past 3 years, Aaron has been learning the art of Agile Software development.

In 2005, he decided to pursue his graduate studies and received his Masters of Business Adminstration (MBA) degree in 2008 from Weber State University.

Online Image Management

In March 2008, Aaron launched his company WhooRu.com. Aaron’s goal is to help people control how they appear on the Interent. Through proactive measures, Aaron knows anyone can benefit from controling how they appear on the Internet.

Aaron has outlined his innovative new strategy called Online Image Management in his book, Who Are You Online: Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It!