People, Process, and Technology

You can't buy an off the shelf solution and expect to have effective IT. Organizations need to realize that the best IT is not acheived through buying software, hardware, outsourcing, and hiring IT folks. But rather, the best IT is achieved by working to achieve synergy between three main areas: People, Process and Technology. When properly calibrated, these areas can give you an IT advantage over several of your competitors.


People are the most important ingredient to a successful organizational IT department. Effective IT requires intelligent, hard working, people throughout the organization who understand their role in the larger IT system. Furthermore, IT requires innovative leadership and bi-directional communication in order for the organzation to have a good feel for what is actually going on.


Policies, Procedures, Portfolio Management, and Project Management are necessary to make sure your communication flows appropriately through your organization. When one of these areas are weak, you can expect your IT to be inefficient. For example, if you do not have policies outlining change management you can expect change to occur at random and without notice. There is nothing like being suprised when your IT brings up a new service without telling anyone.


Technology is the glue that binds effective IT solutions together. Of course you need to buy software and hardware to run your IT solution. However, you need the other areas working in concert with technology to achieve the effective IT you deserve.